U.S. Trikes is a small trike company that offers an affordable alternative to high-priced and mass-produced trike conversion kits. All of their products are built and assembled entirely in the United States by an American craftsman, using components that are made locally. Unlike other big companies, U.S. Trikes never uses parts that are manufactured in and/or imported from other countries.

U.S. Trikes offers products that are hand-built and custom-crafted the "old-fashioned way". Each trike is custom-built, and then shipped directly from the factory. Without the need for slick advertising and fancy showrooms to promote their trike conversion kits and other products, they keep their prices low, benefiting their clients as they can save more money in the long run.

Their standard rear housing is the 38 1/2 inch wide from drum to drum. There is an additional charge of $200 for custom width rear housings. The widest rear housing available at U.S. Trikes is 45 1/2 inches, and the narrowest is their standard 35 1/2 inches.

The U.S. Trikes housing assembly comes completely assembled, and the differential is even pre-greased. The housing is jig-aligned and mig (metal inert gas)-welded, with all the crucial fitting parts finished on a Bridgeport vertical mill. The housings are designed to fit the traditional 8-inch small bearing, small Ford differentials, and spline axles. The Bill Currie axles are made according to the company's specifications, and are also used in their custom-width rear axle housing assembly.

U.S. Trikes offers the following trike bodies and trike conversion kits:

Reaper trike body
Rebel trike body
Rogue trike body
Liberty trike body
Sportster Trikes
Chopper Trikes
FXR Dyna Trikes
FLHT Trikes
FL FX Trikes
V-Rod Trikes
Victory Trikes
Softail Trikes
Ridley Trikes
Alice Cooper Trike